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Expedition to New Orleans

We've been to New Orleans four times: in Dec./Jan. 1995/96, Oct./Nov. 1997, Dec./Jan. 1999/00 and Oct./Nov. 2000.
Here are some of our photos which shall provide an impression why this is one of the most beautiful and versatile cities in the world. Please note that all these pictures are taken 'pre-Katrina'. We haven't been to New Orleans since, but we will go back!

Mississippi View over the Mississippi river with the Steamboat Natchez in the background. Riverwalk Fountain on Riverwalk, right beside the entrance to a gigantic shopping mall. In the back the 'Aquarium of the Americas'.
St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square. Here you'll find fortune tellers, painters and musicians of every kind. St. Louis Cathedral Louis Armstrong Park on North Rampart Street, at the outer end of the French Quarter. Louis Armstrong Park

Green French Quarter House in the French Quarter with its famous 'wrought iron fences'. French Quarter at Christmas Christmas decorations in the Quarter.
On Halloween all buildings are decorated. With skeletons, bats ... French Quarter on Halloween ... and a lot of pumpkins. Halloween in the French Quarter

Cafe du Monde The Café du Monde on Decatour Street. Open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Coffee and Concierge The Coffee and Concierge on Royal Street. With a garden, delicate chairs and great blueberry muffins.
The Royal Blend Cafe on Royal Street. Easy to overlook from the street. Royal Blend Cafe The courtyard of the Royal Blend Cafe. Perfect for hour-long newspaper reading. Courtyard, Royal Blend Cafe

Gallier House Gallier House, Royal Street. Inspiration for the town-house of Lestat and Louis in Anne Rice's novel 'Interview with the Vampire'. Gallier House The dining room at Gallier House. Decorated with victorian christmas dishes.
One of the living-rooms of Gallier House. Gallier House The nursery of Gallier House, with tiny little furniture.. Nursery, Gallier House

Garden District Dominique Stella House, 2915 Chestnut Street, Garden District. Garden District St. Charles Avenue, Garden District.
One of the few 'ghost houses' on Prytannia Street in the Garden District. Garden District St. Elizabeth, a former orphanage on Napoleon Avenue, which now is owned by Anne Rice and which plays an important role in her novel 'Memnoch, the Devil'. Many thanks to Suzie Q. for the great tour! St. Elizabeth
1239, First Street Brevard-Mmahat-Rice House, 1239 First Street. The Mayfair House in Anne Rice's novel 'The Witching Hour'. 1239, First Street Left wing of the First Street House.

Pitot House Pitot House, 1440 Moss Street, on Bayou St. John. A former town plantation. Pitot House Living room on the first floor of Pitot House. Some of the interiors of the movie 'Interview with the Vampire' were filmed here.
Back porch of Pitot House,
transformed into a room for the movie.
If you look close enough you can recognize the green window panes.
Pitot House Bedroom in Pitot House. In the movie this was 'Claudias' room. Bedroom, Pitot House

Hotel Villa Convento Our hotel in Oct./Nov. 1997:
Hotel Villa Convento, 616 Ursulines St.
Hotel Villa Convento The hall of the Hotel Villa Convento. In the background the door to the courtyard where breakfast was served.
In Dec./Jan. 1999/00 we stayed at Gretel's Bed&Breakfast, 3337 Magazine St. (Corner of Louisiana Avenue, at the lower left corner of the Garden District.) Gretel's Bed & Breakfast The room at Gretel's Bed&Breakfast, with it's own entrance and front porch. Gretel's Bed & Breakfast

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